Craig Gleason 

The Higher We Fly - track # 13

I Play Guitar In A Mexican Restaurant - track # 1

1.  Scholars & Fools

2.  Confession

3.  Ballad Of Ervin O Jones

4.  Forgiving Me

5.  Better

6.  Hey Johnny

7.  The Prophet Cried

8.  Money & Stones

9.  The Rocket Is Gone

10. The Higher We Fly

11.  Road To Redemption

12.  Storm Is Comin'

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     Craig Gleason!

"I just listened to your CD and I've got to say I really love the raw honesty and the authority of your delivery.  Just keep on singin' man!"

BARRY McQUIRE - recording artist/songwriter  #1 Hit Song Eve Of Destruction   

"On life's reflection, this album is CG's  heart-on-the-sleeve"

ALAN SHACKLOCK producer,engineer,instrumentalist for Roger Daltrey of The Who, Julian Lennon, Jeff Beck, Sugar Ray, Meatloaf, Phil Keggy, The Alarm, Carl Palmer of ELP

"Tunes from an honest and quality songwriter.  I guarantee that you will listen to the CD more than once!"

ED SEAY - Nashville Tn,  producer/engineer

Martina Mcbride, Rascall Flatts, John Prine, Blake Shelton, Hank Williams Jr., Billy Ray Cyrus, Willie Nelson

"It's the art and craft of songwriting at it's finest, you won't get this any bigger or any better no matter where you go...Nashville, New York, California, it doesn't matter!"

SCOTT LINDY - Program Director for 94.9 The Bull Radio

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  • Intro Bull 94.9 The Ballad of Ervin O. Jones1:40

Sail La Vee - track # 4

I Aint Died - track # 2

guitarist   singer  songwriter

1.  I Play Guitar in a              Mexican Restaurant

2.  I Ain't Died

3.  Always Forever Yours

4.  Sail La Vee

5.  Real Bad Day

6.  I'm A Better Man

7.  Got No Worries 

8. Amazing Grace

9.  Sometimes

10. Lookin' At This All Wrong

11.  Memories of You and Me

12.  Better (remix)

13. The Higher We Fly